This Raspberry Pi case is designed to fit into a standard 3.5in hard drive slot. It works well with tool-less mounting systems, but I also added the ability for threaded nuts to be dropped in which work great as well and make this compatible with anything that a standard hard drive fit into.
The nuts that I built around are the McMaster-Carr 90480a007 This cost me $8.32 for 100 nuts delivered to my door but I am sure a local hardware store would have the same thing far cheaper.

I Believe these nuts from Amazon will work as well.

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Creality

Printer: Ender 3

Rafts: No

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.40 mm

Infill: 15%


I have printed this part a few times and you can get away with doing no supports you just end up with some long bridges. I would advise against supports inside where the nuts go because it is nearly impossible to get those supports out correctly.

How I Designed This

This was my first project using Fusion 360, and my first project built from the ground up for 3D printing. I started by building a profile sketch or “master sketch” of an HDD with the placement of the screw holes. Then I decided to make a rough Raspberry Pi model since I plan on many 3D printed projects for the Pi it would be easier to have a digital copy.

To make this model I used my Rough Raspberry Pi Model that you can find here, you can also see it in the picture below.

Preview With Pi Installed

Version 2 will be worked on soon since now I have experience with 3D printing and I know that things like the long supports that require long bridges are a big no-no. I'll also probably change the positioning of the Pi to be more in the middle. Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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